Monday 12 May 2014

Still no Cygnets or young Grebes but no Predation :-)

With the nesting season in full flow I have been observing and number of water bird nests from Coots, Great crested grebes and my local Mute Swans. Both the Grebes and Swans laid about 4-5 weeks ago and were due to hatch last week but still nothing. I can't check till the end of the week so I can't count eggs or see if they are all okay as something does not feel right but until then I won't have a clue.
Neighbors become good friends 
The Grebes have nested right next to the Swan nest for protection as no predators should come near either nest while the male is defending the territory.
This Coot stayed in its nest as I kayaked past so I thought I would take a quick snap and leave in peace. On my way back home I past the coot nest and as she had gone I counted the eggs and photographed them. This photo was taken a few weeks ago and all nests are safe and have not been predated which is great for this years breeding season down on my local lake.

Mallard family at sunrise as the early morning mist is burned off the waters surface and the dawn Chorus is in full flow as I paddled by.

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