Saturday 8 January 2011

New - Badger footage

I have decided to really focus on the Brock wood badger sett because from January to March the badger cubs are being born underground and as the weather gets warmer they will begin to the leave there underground chambers to play at the entrance of the sett and I hope to capture this in colour during the day but the Brock wood badgers seem very shy and are not used to people at all.
I camera trapped the badger sett last night and I captured some footage of 2 badgers having abit of a disagreement over peanuts I think the male was the badger that made the move on the other badger which was probably a female that will hopefully be giving birth in the next few weeks if not already looking after her 5-6 small cubs in an underground birthing chamber but when the cubs will emerge is anybodys guess.


  1. great video. Badgers are such a neat critter. Looking forward to baby pictures and video.