Saturday 20 October 2012

Documenting Wildlife has changed my life

For a while now I have been trying to decide what my niche field was in wildlife and natural history photography and finally I think I have found my target market and my USP (unique selling point) which is kayaking photography. I tested the water so to speak on my target market and I have sold my first photo which means so much to me so hopefully I can come up with a plan to increase my popularity and get my name out there to promote my photos more and hopefully begin to make money from my hobby which has turned into a passion after many years of spending time outdoors and opening so many doors for me and it has given me so much confidence and I have met people through it who have become firm friends thanks to our shared passion for the natural world.
The image above always reminds to never give up and that if you have a bad day the sun will set and will rise on a new day making you stronger and more determined to be successful and live life to the full no matter what rubbish comes your way.
Thank you for reading as each and everyone of you motives me to keep me doing what I love and to share that passion is the most special thing in the world to me.



  1. Wise words Mike - the most important thing is to carry on doing what makes you happy and live life to the full no matter what, I wish you the very best :-)

  2. Very wise words Mike, wish you the best of luck

  3. Thank you and I will do as the natural world truly is amazing.