Thursday 29 September 2011

Preping for winter wildlife filming with a little online shopping

 Today I wanted to spend a little cash on items for the winter before they go up in price and luckily last year I kept a note book of wildlife I saw but mainly notes on problems and issues I faced when being out for long periods in winter weather so I could solve them this year and the winter section was a very long list as you can see below from the few I listed.
  • Back pack-Woodland snow melting and soaking equipment as well as blizzards.
  • Icy paths -Tough to walk on ice and get out when snow melts and refreezes.
  • Spare outdoor clothing/Footwear-After being out in wet or snowy weather I was unable to go back out so I had to wait for clothing/Shoes to dry.
  • Spare batteries - Cold weather really drains the power from equipment.
  • Cold filming in hide day and night - Even with lots of clothing and hot drink still very cold.
  • Getting ill from being out to long -A way to stop me getting ill and a way to warm up fast.
So the items I ended up buying were 
  • Waterproof backpack cover- I found a very cheap item and it just goes over your backpack and keeps any moisture or snow out when walking under the trees and the snow melts.
  • Ice grips- I bought 4 pairs of grips with very strong metal spikes on straps that go over your footwear and stops you from falling down giving you grip on icy footpaths stops you from falling meaning you do not hurt yourself or damage any equipment.
  • Batteries and a battery cover - I bought spare batteries for my important kit mainly DSLR and Pro HD camcorder as well as a battery cover to cut down on power drain.
  • Sleeping bag- I bought a very thick mummy sleeping on sale due to camping season being over and as they have a hood on should be comfy and warm for night time filming but I may have to cut some hand holes to press and access the camera.

  • Over the counter medicine and a small camping cooker-  I bought some Buttercup syrup to stop and help fight a cold or flu if I start to feel a little under the weather which usually works, Lip balm is a must especially if your out in really cold weather and there is a freezing wind. To warm up fast I bought a small camping gas cooker to boil water which is good for a fresh cup of tea and you warm your hands up on the flame or from the steam coming off it.
Now I am officially spent for now so I better get saving for those Christmas peasants and food for the birds as it will not be long before Winter will be here and I cannot wait until its time to get kitted out in all my outdoor gear and take on the ice and snow with my camera gear. 
My brother out in the snow in January 2011
Thanks for reading and if you have any question just ask them below.
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  1. Great to see Ryan in the snow on the hottest October day ever recorded...

  2. cool! that reminds me i need to get some warm trousers.

  3. Thanks Andrew I wrote a week before the hot weather as its easier to write a few blog posts in one evening then publish one everyday so it was just how it worked out. Glad I reminded you Yusuf get ready its gonna be a good winter this year.