Thursday 15 May 2014

Rhino the Mute Swan and his family

While waiting for my local pairs Swans Flash and Snow to hatch there eggs I decided on walking to a nest on the edge of my local patch as I was informed they had 4 Cygnets and 2 eggs yet to hatch. The male is very unusual as he has a bald bill knob which I have never seen on a Swan before so I decided to name him Rhino due to his unusual condition and as I watched Amazing Spider man 2 it was the only name I could think of.
Rhino with his mate on a fishing pool so they are well protected as they have a large lake to avoid any unwanted attention.
 I could not really photograph the cygnets due to the long grass so this one will have to do for now until Flash and Snows eggs hatch
 Lovely emerald green background
 Remaining Unhatched eggs
I also noticed a Broad bellied chaser on some wasteland nearby which is my first for this year
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