Tuesday 11 January 2011

A very busy night at Brock wood

 I set the camera trap at Brock wood last night to film at the badger sett  and the amount of Badger behaviour I captured was great and I have posted a video below to show a fox and badger encounter where a larger male adger stands its ground to protect a female badger (sow) and forces it back into the sett to avoid conflict with the female fox (Vixen) and in the end the badger chases the fox away.  
If you listen carefully you can hear the male badger vocalising to the female as well as scent marking and affectionately biting each other. As if that was not enough due to having a larger 16GB memory card in the camera I recorded the following morning as well as the night and once the badger return to there sleeping chambers the birds in the wood feed on the remaining peanuts mainly Magpies, Jays, Crows and pheasants.


  1. great footage!
    when you zoom in and out are you using multible cameras or are you editing the clip somehow?

  2. Cheers Oli

    As I only found the sett in November I am filming the badgers using a Hd camera trap until I know there habits and what times they emerge and now I have began to feed the peanuts they should begin to be more confident and I should beable to film using my camcorder in the day and at night over the next year.

    I edit the clips on Sony vegas 10 and because the video is HD when you zoom and cut down the footage the quality stays pretty much the same especially in black and white.

  3. This is FANTASTIC! Great work, loved it.

  4. Thankyou this is my 2nd year filming at the Brock wood and I am nearly down there everyday trying to film the wildlife.