Monday 7 February 2011

Nearly lost my Camera trap due to rising river

 As we had nearly 24hrs of rain in Cheshire yesterday all the rivers around my area began to flood like have never seen before turning bridges into waterfalls and fields into lakes, so about 3pm I had to quickly go and get my camera trap from the woodland where I have been tracking the Otter and it was lucky I did as yesterday afternoon I returned to the spot where I had left it and the branch where I attach the camera was underwater a close call but luckily I thought fast before nightfall and just made it back before the rain began to fall heavier.
Hopefull the rivers will return to normal so I can return the camera to its location and catch the Otter coming back up river.


  1. We've certainly had some rain Mike. I was up in Cumbria yesterday and there were lots of floods everywhere. Cheers, Seumus

  2. Great news you retrieved the camera in time Mike

  3. It would have been a real set back to lose a key piece of equipment.