Friday 9 May 2014

Lunch by the river with a Goosander family

As I run in the afternoons and I have a part time job in the mornings. So after my morning Job I decided not to go straight home to work on the shop, Instead I popped down to one of my local rivers to eat my lunch on the river bank as it was a stunning summery day. Luckily I had my camera with me with 1 battery left and from in the reeds below me a family of Goosanders swam upriver. 
There was 1 female and 8 young and as I had the wrong setting on my camera I did not have time to change. I was very pleased with the sighting as this is a second family I've seen this year with freshly hatched baby's I am guessing they nest quite close.
The female led the youngsters back down river past me and usually they journey upriver as the other day 
I saw the first female with 3 youngsters a few miles upriver and they had grown quite alot.
Two panoramas from my local rivers one river is more shallow has plenty of weed and the other is deeper and more clay and sand but each have there positives. The panorama at the top is my Otter watching spot where you can see my green bench and this site is yet to deliver.
Middlewich wildlife watching cheshire wildlifeMiddlewich wildlife watching cheshire wildlifeMiddlewich wildlife watching cheshire wildlife

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