Monday 12 February 2024

2024 more to come

 With this being my first blog of 2024 I’ll start with updates on my new garden more trees and bushes in to provide cover for the birds. A new flower bed currently planted with blue bells and daffodils till the spring when we will a nice mix of plants for butterfly’s and insects. I’ve been exploring my local patch even if there’s plenty of water flooding the fields different wildlife is brought in.

I’m currently on the lookout for some local foxes and have a spot in mind and when I get a bike in the summer I can increase my distance and places before I go to work and dreams of 5am sunrises feel so long away watching cubs frolicking in the sun while bird Song fills the air.

I’ve always dreamed of having the wild life I have today but the pull of wanting more time of not working to enjoy it is so tantalising and always seems out of reach.

Kind regards


Monday 16 October 2023

Back after moving and a new wildlife garden from scratch...

After months of moving house and various holidays I now have fully moved to a new area and theres lots on my doorstep and at my new house we are starting from scratch and only have a few visiting birds to the bird table. In time I want to landscape for wildlife and increase the visitors in the future. In the area less than a mile around my house I have seen plenty from Barn Owls to Foxes and maybe even Roe Deer. I have setup a new wild bird feeding station out of the way and the birds visiting are emptying the tables and feeders so fast.

 Its only Autumn and I cannot wait till winter and seeing the shadow of thes Peak District behind the birds is a glorious sight at sunrise which will only be enhanced by snow and the grip is one thing which will increase bird and mammal visits for free food.

More coming soon

Thank you


Saturday 31 December 2022


One last post to end the year 2022 its been a funny one and connecting with Nature has been wonderful and pleasurable as always especially in troubled times with the current living problems we are facing. One place that I have left my negative energy is up in the hills and mountains. I'll leave 2022 with photograph from my Birthday trip to the Welsh where there was plenty of snow and no people in sight well except 60 soldiers training through the night walking the welsh mountains with all there gear on. It was the perfect gift and the day was lovely.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting, hopefully more blogs in 2023.


Sunday 16 October 2022

Walks into the Welsh mountains and a new writer on my blog

With the last of my holidays I decided to split them up into long weekends and I have given myself a long weekend every month to get on the Welsh coast and go up into the mountains to retune to nature and forget about the boredom of working in a retail environment surrounded by people stuck in there ruts. Sometimes the groundhog day feeling needs to be broken either in the mountains or by the sea.
The air was warm the sun was shining to explore the mountain was my goal and I found a lovely few wild swimming/camping spots with views, peace and waterfall pools and I think I did just that and seeing Buzzards and choughs on the wing made the short trip worthwhile. 

As I headed into the mountains my younger brother Ryan went by the sea with his camera in hand to see what he could encounter while enjoying the nature of the coastal wild spots. 
Below is a post written by him and his adventures of the day.


On Saturday 9th Sept 2022 I was in North wales for a few days on the coast, I had planned to go to aber ogwen spinnies nature area to see if the Mute swans were still gathering. On my arrival there I was unable to access the beach and was advised by Bird ringers Kate and Joel not to go on the beach as they were doing a catch of redshank for annual ringing on the Menai Straits as part of SCAN’s monitoring project they also said on the radio let the swan guy know there are 4 Whooper swans in the flock. I managed to count 99 Mute swans = (104 swans) I Was like wow ran to the hide and got some pics of them they then left the flock and flew off towards the great orme. 
They said the cannon net will be going off and banging in around 40 mins they said you were more than welcome to come over once they are in the boxes. I decided to wait in anticipation to see what surprises the wooden boxes on the shore held.
 No description available.
They found something unexpected and very shocked to come across a LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER are rare Wader which you don't tend to see. They also had over 150+ redshank 1 of which was an Icelandic redshank) and 5 Curlew sandpipers. It was a fantastic experience to watch. I learnt so much about SCAN and BTO wader ringing. They put silver rings on all the birds before weighing and taking wing and beak length. It was a Wicked day and one that I will remember for a long time.

 Thank you for reading

Diaries of Cheshire wildlife watcher brothers

Sunday 28 August 2022

A long break - The power of the green and pure freedom

With the days shortening and the leaves changing color I decided it was time to come back sharing my experinces and encounters I have while enjoying my passions in life. Its been a long few months since writing anything and I have been enjoying lots of welsh breaks and emercing myself into the British summer as its nice to reminice of these times in the winter I'll be sharing 2022 interests from September onwards.

My Summer garden in early spring

We had many nests in the garden from Robins to Blackbirds but Blue tits in this box failed

One of the views from one of my fantastic holidays looking into the mountains of snowdonia

The beautiful sunset from the beach near the cottage

One of the many tents I used while wild camping on the coast, save the pennys where you can

 Lots of waterways were also explored during the hotter days to keep cool

Ive been privelidged to watch many beautiful sunrises and sunsets
The mountains of Wales had some really beautful flower filled meadows to lay down in and enjoy

My one my favourite places on the outskirts of Snowdonia

Its been the longest amount of months I have felt myself since before the events of the past couple of years I now feel mentally and physically stronger with the odd lapse here and there but thats life and as long as I have the outdoor places to be at peace then life will be easier to enjoy and get through the hard times that no matter how much we worry and fear we cannot change.

Kind regards


Wednesday 2 February 2022

A slightly longer wild weekend break

With the last day of my annual leave I decided on a long weekend staying at one of my favourite air bnbs at Conwy on the North Wales coast. I arrived on a Friday night and every time I step off the bus and directly into the cottage I am instantly relaxed and can't wait for a coastal hike with plenty of unexpected wildlife encounters. We decided on a having a long walk at a new place I have never visited on Anglesey.
 The walk was from Beaumeris town to Penmon light house it was about a 5 mile walk along the coast and below I have a few photographs taken on my brothers camera I took some and he took the rest. Either way encounters or not the scenery delivered and the sun came out with blue skys and a calm breeze a winter day turned into a very springy day.

 I also wanted to find an area to wild camp for a few evenings as in the Summer as some nights a special natural event happens on this part of the coast and if I can predict when it happens it would be epic. I think I foundthe perfect spot undisturbed with a view of the beach and sea incase the event happens or doesnt I can see from a distance.

Bioluminescent Plankton

After arriving at the stony beach we found a spot to sit with the bank at our back and Puffin island and the light in view it felt very postcardy and must of been photograph a million times in the past, while taking a sneaky toilet break I spotted a very confident little bird in some sea water filled pools on some rocky edges by the sea. It seem undisturbed and seemed to just want to be feed I am always amazed when you find a bird that takes you years to see then you walk upon one like this and you get the best views and photographs you could have got.
I was so confused by how confiding this Purple Sandpiper was but after looking back at the photographs I noticed that one of its feet were nobbly with no toes so being at a disavantage its lost its fear and must keep feeding even when potential predators are around.

On the walk back we spotted a flock of Brent Geese with a few Curlew flying then grazing on local fields

Flocks of Knot and Sanderling were in good numbers as the high tide reached its peak

A Velvet scoter was also a nice surprise pushed in by the wind

Not to long till I go back as its the place I love and always surprises me epecially 
when you go to some of the quieter palces not often visited except by only a few.

Thanks for reading


Tuesday 25 January 2022

The ups and downs of Wild-Life...

With every cloudy winters day that passes we get closer to spring and the promise of longer warmer days are not to far away. This winter has felt so long especially with the current bird flu ripping through flocks of wild fowl locally and on the boarders with large amount of swans and geese being put down is just heart breaking.

 Once the bird flu dies out the breeding season should replenish numbers but there are many species affected by the current outbreak and some local areas seem so quiet compared to last year.

One thing I definately want to do is get more active and push my body with lots of walks in the Peaks and more wild camping with unexpected encounters with various nature would be wonderful. Below are a few photographs from a recent walk from the Cat and fiddle pub down to wildboar clough to shutlingsloe and down through Macclesfield forest. I was hoping for a Dipper on the streams flowing by the roadside but hopefully maybe in the spring or on one of my peak wild camps.

A warm cup of tea brewed at the Matterhorn of the Cheshire plains on my new gas stove

I received new kit as a Christmas presant to add to my wild camping kit included a green beach tent and I thought it was perfect for summer days lazying on the river or warm nights camping on the lake would work with it.
Just a quick mention as its the big garden bird watch coming up soon is giving away 100% of there profits on Sunday 30th of January so if your an organization supporting the welfare of birds and you are in need of additional funds or more information then visit the link below.

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