Saturday 3 March 2018

False Spring I guess !?!?

Well here's me thinking that Spring was in full flow but the beast from the east came out of nowhere. In the past few days, we have had so much snow and cold weather than we have seen for a few years even if you put them together. I have had to cancel one plan of going to Teggsnose and Macclesfield forest due to the bad weather up there.
Ice by the roadside
 Caught out in a BLIZZARD
 Edges of the canalside waterfall began to freeze
A very icy and windswept tow path
 A white garden
 After the storm
As well as snow and Ice I had a wonderful Sunday morning last week when I visited a new place locally where I can watch the sunrise and the sunset. There are Lapwings, Woodpeckers and Skylarks close to home. I'll hopefully be finding Barn Owls and Foxes here in the evenings and early hours. 
We saw a pair of Kestrels calling and doing flying cortship one vening while dropping off some bird feed as theres a few flocks of unidentified birds I have not got close to yet but my new feeding station may pay off soon.
After arriving at the area and the sun rising the birds began to sing a stunning chorus. I waited until the birds quieted down and then I headed home for breakfast and to get a few hours sleep after a wonderful few hours sitting in the sun and enjoying nature.
Hopefully, once the air warms up my encounters will increase and as it's only 6 weeks till my first Wales trip I'm hoping my first Otter encounter of the Spring will be very soon.

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