Wednesday 21 February 2018

A spring in Natures step...

It's been a wonderful few days here in Cheshire as I spent a few hours on the coast last weekend and ended soaking up some early Spring sun and one place I head to when by the sea is not the beach but the sand dunes. I always head there as it's the warmest place when sunny especially behind the dune grasses and there's slight a wintry breeze blowing from the sea. It was lovely to see so many people enjoying the weather and I even loved seeing a pair of Turnstones walking by my feet while furiously trying to be the first to get all the goodies left by the sea. 
Once I returned home and headed off to my local wildlife hot spots it was amazing to see and hear so much of spring kicking off. From Ravens cronking, Nuthatch calling, Swans building nests, Toads and frogs laying frog spawn and today the smell of Fox filled the narrow wooded trails as I walked along and as the sun beamed down on me it created such a wonderful scene that made me feel so happy. Even in my garden the Blackbirds have built a nest behind my garden shed, the female has been very busy collecting moss from gravestones and the pots where I grow reeds in the summer months as they love to use the roots to bind there nests.
More to come I hope as I can't wait to get going as I really love this time of year!!!



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