Thursday 21 July 2011

Otters pass update-Otter signs at Otters pass

  I wanted to get across to Otters pass today even though it was raining and windy but after sailng over the stormy lake to the island but I had to take shelter in an area of reed beds but It was lucky I had my umbrella in my kayak and just managed to get it up in my kayak before it bucketed it down.  I found it rather relaxing being on the lake in my kayak with the rain drops hitting the water around me because I was dry and hidden from the cool wind. Being in a kayak really gives a different outlook of a reedbed habitat and makes you feel part of it and the wildlife seems to accept you more but after an hour of heavy rain and relaxation I was glad to sale to Otters pass and get my feet on dry land.  After stretching my legs and being bitten by red ants I decided to search the ground for signs of Otters after an hours hunt I discovered lots of small fish bones possibly from old Otter spraints that have broken down over the years or maybe this is where they bring the fish they catch to eat on land and nearby I spotted a spraint that looked like a Otter's the spraint looked about six months old but I am not positive so I have posted 2 photographs below.
Click to zoom in
Next thing is to keep an eye for fresh spraint and then setup a camera and place a rock in the area to encourage the Otters in the area to spraint.

Tomorrow- I have to setup a Minnow trap to see what small fish are in the area as well as starting the reed bed hide and Otter raft so I will post what I managed to get done.

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