Sunday 1 January 2017

2017 where has the time gone!!!

Just a quick post to mark the first day of 2017 and the beginning of a new year with lots of Nature and outdoorsy fun. This year I hope to share more things I've been up to Wildlife watching wise as last year I felt I wanted to go out and enjoy rather than searching for the best photographs.
 I will also be searching for that dream house whether it be where I live now or on the coast who knows only time and my budget will be able to answer that. Normally I have 7 weeks in a holiday cottage by the sea but this year more wild back packing and hopefully this way we will be able to save some money. I have started customizing my own camping gear and as I bought myself a cheap sewing machine for Christmas and having lots of camouflage and waterproof material. I'm hoping to make a breathable, waterproof and cozy bivvy bag to sleep in and keep my gear dry. I am trying to make something which is more portable and comfortable as for some reason I find tents attract too much attention and lose a lot of heat so to save money rather than buying one seems to be the best option.
More on that and other wild things coming soon.

Happy new year 

Stay wild and protect Nature

Regards Mike

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