Sunday, 1 December 2013

Few days by the sea at Christmas!!!

Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be getting a few days by the sea for Wildlife photography, fresh air, good company, my dream house, lots of food, Christmas shopping. Hopefully It will be an early finish from work then straight off to Wales with a back pack for a few days off to plan the last month of 2013. What a year its been and over this month I will be doing my Top 10 Wildlife encounters of 2013.
Simple Sanderling shot which a rather like with all the shells and depth with the 3 birds in the center
No stresses & No responsibility just a recharge before the festiveness kicks off at my favorite place by the sea!!! Hoping for Foxes with Christmas lights in the background at night and any birds flying in to rest and feed on the ormes, Grey Seals and any marine mammals feeding off the coast who knows maybe even a whale (Long shot I know) but even a Porpoise or Bottlenose Dolphin would be good.
As it's the 1st of December today I guess I can say "Merry Christmas" to you all
Thank you


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