Monday 6 April 2015

Spring cleaning in the countryside

This week we decided to start prepping for Spring and as I have plenty of time this week we decided on putting up a few bird boxes up on my local patch and as we had a couple in the garden that never get used. We placed them in one of my favorite areas so we can visit during the nesting season to film, photograph and monitor the nests if and when they get used.
We also visited one of my local ponds which we dug a few years ago and wildlife seems to be using for bathing and drinking. While we were there we decided to stack lots of the old rotting logs and freshly cut logs into a huge pile for insects, reptiles, amphibians and rodents.
While at the pond we made a long natural fence as there were lots of trees that had been cut down over the winter season. The stacked trees should provide cover for wildlife, places to nest and a safe way for creatures to move from the pond to various log piles and food sources along the area of stacked trees.
It's always the same hawthorn tree by the canal that first gets its spring leaves
Once all the conservation work is done, I feel like I've given nature something back and then I like to have a rest in the sun and admire the work we have done. My favorite thing to do is to lean back against a tree, relax and take in all the Spring sounds & smells. I recommend giving back to Nature as it's good food for the soul in the fresh air around like minded people. If your a wildlife lover and are interested in helping or getting involved in any Local wildlife projects in Middlewich/Cheshire then email me for more information at

Thanks for reading my blog
Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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