Tuesday 14 June 2011

2 Weeks in North Wales Pt 1 of 6 Waders and Lizards

 As I just got back from 2 weeks filming in North Wales I have captured some great footage of wildlife with stunning views and on the first week I spent at Prestatyn in a caravan and on the first day we visited the Sand dunes at Hortons nose with is a great viewing platform and we were on the hunt for the sand Lizards and after getting distracted by Wading birds at the tide line including Ringed plovers, Sanderlings and Dulin feeding by crashing waves and I managed to get some greats shots of them as they move up and down the beach and if you can get in the wright position you can get very close.
 After being unsuccessful at finding any Lizards or so I thought until I saw a tail disappearing into my bag and after closer inspection I found a small Common Lizard searching for shade luckily I had some disposable gloves in my bag and after removing the little stowaway from my backpack we decided on getting some shots before releasing as we had never been so close to handling one never mind seeing one so close before it runs off into the long grass.
I was very impressed by how the Lizard posed on each of the chosen areas including the Log, Sand, rocks and a walkway rail before releasing it in the area where we found it running across the sand to safety. 
After releasing the Lizard we found 2 more Lizards basking in the sun on a piece of wood in a fenced off area and one had no tail probly a predator had tried to take it and due to there ability to release there tails as a way to escape and the other seemed a different colour possibly a female or a young one.
After a long day on the Sand dunes we returned to the caravan and there seemed to be alot of fledlings on a trellis that runs next to our caravan giving great close ups from Starlings, Wagtails and a Blackbird.
After a the first day we had alot of encounters and great photographs  and footage to go with them and it just kept getting better as I am sure youll agree.

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Next post- Oystercatchers nest filming and a walk at Frith beach sand dunes and scrubland.

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