Monday 12 February 2024

2024 more to come

 With this being my first blog of 2024 I’ll start with updates on my new garden more trees and bushes in to provide cover for the birds. A new flower bed currently planted with blue bells and daffodils till the spring when we will a nice mix of plants for butterfly’s and insects. I’ve been exploring my local patch even if there’s plenty of water flooding the fields different wildlife is brought in.

I’m currently on the lookout for some local foxes and have a spot in mind and when I get a bike in the summer I can increase my distance and places before I go to work and dreams of 5am sunrises feel so long away watching cubs frolicking in the sun while bird Song fills the air.

I’ve always dreamed of having the wild life I have today but the pull of wanting more time of not working to enjoy it is so tantalising and always seems out of reach.

Kind regards


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