Sunday 23 November 2014

Nettled in November!!!!!!!!!!

With the days being shorter, wetter but still very mild I have thought that rather than try and squeeze a walk in the evening in the dark when the roads are still busy and there are still people around. I have started getting up early on my days off and heading out on foot for an early morning walk to see what I can bump into and there's a really lovely ambiance in the peace of a cold, dark winters morning when the Tawny's are calling under the stars and moons on a clear sky morning. Sometimes I end up creating new paths or wandering into vegetation I can't see and the other morning I got nettled and as it's November and nearly Christmas I was very surprised that there are still nettles. There also seems to be not many Tawny's calling at the minute so I wonder if the warmer weather and large amounts of green vegetation that's still remaining is confusing the wildlife and holding back the normal signs of winter that we normally see. This week things are due to change and get colder so I will be out for a few evenings enjoying the clear starry sky's and hoping to enjoy the Tawny calls after a quiet start to there Winter pairing performances. Expect lots more Wild blogs with less recent photographs but more of my thoughts, sightings and photographs/videos from this Summer.
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