Wednesday 17 April 2013

Otter print in very unsual place #confused

Another find at the week end was an Otter print in a stream Gulley blocked down stream with a small hole where the water flowed through and up stream there was a long pipe which must lead about 500m away under a canal to a farm. So it's possible that Otters are in our rural sewage systems as cut through's to get passed dangerous obstacles. It was them going up and out of the gulley into open woodland to go down stream to the main river that worries me and as I know hunters are in the woodland here at certain times of the year. So we cleared the stream blockage so hopefully they can safe fully get to the main river without running into any dogs or idiots that would do them any harm.
There is plenty more from the past weekend it's just finding time to post as I have a trip to prep for and many wild projects that I am currently working on.

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