Monday 24 November 2014

Catching up.....

Over the Winter months I will be doing a daily blog and as it's a busy time of year for me with work and my personal life but as I've launched just my new video channel on YouTube which will be hard work at first. I am hoping to keep the Channel updated with regular videos but my turn around on the videos at the minute is slow due to me being so critical on my narration of my videos. I am sure I'll get there in the end if I keep working on it and by 2015 I am hoping that I'll have more time and content to put into the channel once we get through Christmas.
A few of my favorite spots on the Trent and Mersey Canal, Middlewich. 
I like to relax here with a packed lunch on a sunny day and enjoy the sunset over the River Dane in the Winter months.
My local lake and another of my favorite places to film Wildlife especially from my kayak when filming nesting water birds in the summer months.
One thing that has taken my time in November has been redesigning my Wildlife kit shop. I am pleased to say I have just launched the new fresher and wilder website just in time for Christmas. Rather than keep a small barrier between my filming/photography and the business. I have decided to merge the two to a point and have separate blogs and YouTube channels which will have different content on each platform. Enough of the Business chat for today as in the next few weeks I have a few days on the North Wales coast for a Winter break and to get refreshed before Christmas. I will be walking miles of coast, filming & photographing wildlife as well enjoying the time outdoors but what I most want is to photograph a Fox at night on a sea side promenade but who knows what I'll encounter. While staying in the cottage I will be using the peace and quiet to write and record the narration for a few weeks worth of Wildlife videos. When I return from my holiday I will be getting back to blogging as I feel like I am in a good place now mentally and work wise after getting through my back log of work after busy Summer and Autumn seasons. My site's :-)

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