Thursday 14 November 2013

Boating down the canals but shut the bloody guns up!!!!

As we had abit of sun the other afternoon we picked up our kit bags from home and went to the boat for an afternoon on the canal and I took the wheel for a few miles of chilling on the water. On the way back I let my brother take the wheel and I sat on the bow to see what I could photograph and the only thing I could photograph was a Kingfisher on the T&M as in the background of the countryside were constant sounds of gunshots from the local idiot hunters that I have no time for.
I really love the autumn months for the color and beauty of nature but the sudden influx of game birds being shot really gets me down. I am waiting for the colder months when the season of blood shed will be nearing its end and the countryside is returned to the peace that it deserves.




  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you about idiot game shooters. They drive me crazy. Absolutely no skill whatsoever and it spoils the peaceful autumn walks for REAL countryside people! Lovely to see a kingfisher though :)

  2. Truly was and I am trying to use the boat as much as possible in case I sell before the bad weather comes in. Every time I see them in the tree line while I boat past I give a loud honk of the boat horn to disperse the birds and the hunters are back to square 1 and the birds are spooked away from them