Friday 7 January 2011

Hide building and a Buzzard encounter

 I have not been out much with my camera this week due to building the hide at my local wood and all I need to do now is to build a bench and then put up the brown brushwood screen for the front of the hide. 

Today I went for a walk along the canal which was still frozen and out flew a Buzzard that was being mobbed by crows and magpies and in its talons was a moorhen and as the buzzard could not gain any height it dropped the moorhen which was still alive onto the ice and as the buzzard was being mobbed it managed to escape into the undergrowth at the side of the canal. The buzzards seem to be coming into urban areas to hunt due to there being a lack of prey in the countryside. 
This week in the cemetery next to my house a young male buzzard has been hunting from a telephone pole this just shows how much all the birds are struggling to find food as I have never seen buzzards before hunting so close to such active urban area. Unfortunately the event happened before I could get my camera out which is disappointing and happens so often that Nature can surprise you when you least expect it.