Monday 30 January 2012

Setting up a filming area at Brock pond

Just a quick post to update on the pond area as I have been doing alot of work on the area around the pond I have been building staring by cutting a viewing area down to the pond from on the top of the bank that overlooks the pond giving a clear view so I can see if there is any wildlife there before I go down to it and a great place to film down onto the pond at night and during the day.
The view from the top of the bank where I can film any visitors to the pond
I am also planning on digging another pond in line with a viewing hide and a feeding station nearby which means I can see all the areas from one spot including a Bird box that I got when I rejoined the RPSB all details can be found  
here of how to join and get the choice of a free gift when your sign up.
Hopefully I will have a few more photos and videos of the areas once we have finished building the hides and feeding station which should be tomorrow.

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