Monday 28 November 2011

A walk around my local patch and a few little surprises along the way PT3of 3

 On the last part of my journey I picked up my kayak and waders from home and headed towards Otters pass and my main task was to access an area on the edge of the reed beds which is a narrow canal where mammals and water birds pass along to get from the reed beds to Otters pass, the narrow canal was inaccessible due to fallen trees so my plan was to wade out into the shallow areas of the canal and cut down the fallen trees that are blocking my access to the wild canal. After cutting them down and moving them to the edge of the canal I returned to my kayak to explore the wilder areas of the reed beds where I could hear many Water rails calling.
I might put some nest rafts here as it looks like a perfect place for water birds to nest and as the water here is calm and out of the wind the chicks should be safe and have no trouble with rising waters due to the thick reed beds but if I can make a small thin channel into the reed beds so I can remotely send in my RC camera Goose to film in the centre of the reeds to get a ducks eye view.
After a long walk I decided to have a well earned rest on the Bench at Otters pass and to pass the time I went through my 3000 IPhone photographs and found some I forgot about and here's a few of the best.

Penrhyn bay, Llandudno, North Wales 

Damselfly eating a Mayfly

Sunset on a North Wales beach
Penguin at Welsh mountain zoo, North Wales
Kayaking at Otters pass

Filming from my hide on a summers evening

Irish sea from the Little Orme, North Wales



  1. A lovely walk indeed and thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!

  2. Thank you both it was a fantastic walk and its one I do once a week.