Tuesday 31 January 2012

Kayaking through ice and a close encounter

Yesterday I had one job on my mind and whatever the weather was I had to get it done and the task was to put up a small fence made of willow attached to 2 posts and as it was a frosty day there was a layer of ice on the surface of the water so luckily I had taken my Heavy duty kayak with me to smash my way through the ice over to Otters pass and within 5 minutes the job was so done.
After doing the job I spotted a Cormorant on the far side of the flashes perched on a submerged boats but as there was a large area of ice between me and the open water near the Cormorant so I had to put some power into my strokes.
After a few minutes of smashing through the ice I managed to get a few metres away from the bird before it dived under my kayak and swam to the opposite side of the flashes I tried to follow it but as it reached the ice sheet it turned around and flew right past me and back to its original perch so I decided to leave it alone and head back home and get warm and check out my photos of the Cormorant.
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  1. Lovely images Mike... take care on that icy water.

  2. Thank you that I will do but the ice was luckily very thin and my new kayak is very sturdy plus kayaks are different to canoes as they don't capsize as easy.