Sunday 29 May 2011

A Vole at the Badger glade sett

Sorry to not have posted for a while due to having 2 weeks of filming in North Wales at two special locations which I will post about on the next few days and this post is about abit of filming I did before going away at a Local Badger sett which I shall call the Badger glade due to it being in the middle of a woodland where the sun shines through making it lush and green with plenty of ground cover.  Me and my brother and a fellow wildlife lover went to watch the Badgers and after an hour or so I spotted a Vole taking the nuts that had fallen close to edges of an area of long grass and I got a quick photograph of the Vole that was running very fast in and out gathering peanuts. 
 As I had my small HD Toshiba camcorder and a Sony Hanycam with me and a table tripod from a telescope that I do not really  use anymore due to using a camcorder zoom to watch wildlife from afar.  So I setup my small camcorder on the mini tripod to see what I could capture and because it has a Motion detection mode like a camera trap but higher quality and it would only record when it ran out so its a great piece of kit and it was fully utilised on my North Wales trip which I am sure you will agree with on my next post.
My setup using the Sony Handy cam tripod on ground level to film the Vole and the video quality was amazing and it seemed this vole was abit grey or white on top so I am not sure if this was just a Vole with albino in its genes or an OAV(Old age vole) but he certainly was fast as I found out when I placed my HD camcorder close to the peanuts as it started to fake leaving the long grass by jumping out and back into cover to check if my camera was a threat so I decided to move the cameras and let it feed in peace after letting me get some great shots of it.
 Before leaving after seeing no Badgers that evening I took a photograph by placing my DSLR on the ground to get a low shot and I decided on using a remote so the Vole would not be disturbed by me being so close to it and making it jump in and out.

Heres a nightvison shot taken from filming using the Handycam and I think it looks even better in black and white and gives a unique view of a very shy creature that has so many predators from Foxes to Tawny and Barn owls in the area of Badger glade.
Heres a Badger photograph taken a few weeks ago using the new 2011 Bushnell HD which is an amzing piece of kit. The Badger is a member of the Brock wood Badger sett and after taking this shot it wandered off and had a scrap with another member of the group which was great to see in one of the gardens that they pass through a few miles from there home at Brock wood.
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