Sunday 13 June 2010

Damselflies on the river Dane

Today I decided to go down to the river and check for otter signs but no luck due to the rain we had last night. I think all the rain washed away any tracks and spraint but never mind I will keep checking all the areas that I have only recently just discovered that seem perfect for otters to use as commuting routes. While I was down by the river I found an area that was teeming with Damselflies from blue to red to green. I think the males are blue and the females are emerald green. I watched a female fly by all the males who would try and keep up with her and the one who caught up with her was the victor. After mounting they would land on the surface weed or a grass stalk to mate. Some males got abit to excited and started in mid air or on the surface weed in really fast water and getting washed away. When they are successful they come together into a heart shape which is very strange and calming to watch as two insects form such a unique shape that means so much to us humans.


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