Monday 14 June 2010

Visiting the great orme and a short wildlife film idea for 2011!!!!

Today I set off to visit the Great Orme at Llandudno on the North wales coast to see what was happening with the wildlife. It's very this busy time of the year and I wanted to see what I could film. It seems every time I visit the Great Orme it never disappoints as there is always wildlife to film. Whether its the goats that live on the Great orme's slopes or the Peregrines, Kestrels and Fulmar that glide along the cliff edges.
Here are a few clips of the beauty of the Great Orme in North wales
Fulmars in there nest
My first ever Peregrine sighting!!!
Jackdaw gathering nesting material from a Goat
As I love Llandudno and spend all of my holidays there I have decided to make a short documentary about the Great Ormes mammals, Birds, Insects, and the Cetaceans that pass by the Orme at different times of the year over the next 2 years from 2010/2011. It seems no one has ever made a film that shows how rich and captivating the wildlife and the Ormes views are.



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