Friday 11 June 2010

Camera trap night 4 of 5 results and Young Tawny owls

 After checking the camera traps I had 38 videos that had been recorded overnight. I took my Laptop with me so I could check the videos straight away instead of heading on the long walk back home. No badgers had been filmed on the card as only a mouse that probably lived down one of the badgers holes kept eating peanuts and scampering around. After packing up my camera traps to head home and feeling disapointed with the results I had got I decided on exploring nearby. Close to the Badger sett is a small woodland adjacent to the canal and I heard a blackbird alarm calling so I decided to check it out. Amazingly it was a bird I had never seen in the wild and it was a stunning adult Tawny owl. The bird was hunting and I was so pleased I managed to get a great shot of it with a young blackbird chick in its talons which it caught to feed its 4 young that had left the nest recently.
As the Adult called the Owlets answered back and led me to there location. So after creeping closer I managed to film the young and adults as they sat in the sun. Its the first time I have ever filmed an Owl and hopefully not the last. After disappointed with the Badger camera trap it turned out it was a great day after all and another bird off the list. I will keep an eye on the Tawny owls for the next few days to try and film them flying and feeding the owlets before they leave the area to find territory's of there own.
Adult in the shadows of an old Oak
Owlet looking down through the canopy at me