Monday, 20 December 2010

Down by the river on a cold winters day

As I have not been near the river Dane for a few weeks I decided to take a walk and see how the river was coping with the cold weather and compared to the first lot of snow and freezing spell we had at the beginning of December the river looked like a totally different and is becoming more like a river in Canada than one in the uk and ice is building up and slowing down the river flow so if this continues it could have a big effect on the fish eating birds especially the kingfishers and herons in the area as all the other water habitats have frozen leaving the river as the only place to feed and keep there feathers clean.
Although the river was becoming more frozen and blocked with ice sheets there were a few surprises that we usually get at this time of year but they did not seem effected by me watching them fishing and normally they disappear into the undergrowth along the side of the river I am guessing they cannot waste there energy due to the cold weather and are taking the risk of not fleeing from certain threats. Both the Little Grebe and the Cormorant were not bothered by my presence.

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