Sunday, 13 November 2011

A few hours at Tawny glade hide

I had few hours to spare this morning so I decided to head off to my woodland hide to do some filming and also see what new birds were visiting the feeders and after filling up the feeders we settled in the hide. Within 5 minutes there were a few new species that I have never seen at this new feeding station and the bird bath from Greenfinches, Bullfinches and a few Jays so the birds are finding the food at last still only a small amount of species but I can only think that once the cold and ice comes the station will be packed with birds due to it being in an area of mixed habitats between the town and the countryside.

I have posted a few stills from the video I filmed this morning.

Greater spotted woodpecker watches
First time Greenfinch at the Glade
 Greater spotted woodpeckers checks out my Bird table for food
 Female Chaffinch right infront of my hide
Photo of the day was this greedy little Blue tit trying keep all the food to itself
I also put out another few apple feeders down by the stream to see if there are Watervoles any where upstream where there is more cover including nettles that still have there sting in November!!!! it has felt like spring over the past few days and I am thinking when Winter kicks in it will hit with a vengeance and the wildlife will surely be surprised and we must help them however we can.

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  1. Lovel captures Mike the Blue Titis brilliant.

  2. Thankyou both it was a very greedy Tit

  3. That woodpecker is just gorgeous! This weekend I was thrilled (!) at the return of a red-naped sapsucker. The markings on your woodpecker are stunning!

  4. I want to get some clearer images of it but it very watch full and peeps out from behind the trees looking at my hide. It's always great to see a bird returning and the Red-naped sapsucker looks very simillar to our woodpeckers as do your Chickadees and the Uks Tit family.