Wednesday, 22 December 2010

More snow in Cheshire and the birds are getting desperate

Today I awoke to more snow and before I went to work I put extra food on the bird table and filled up the feeders just in case they ate all the food before I got home.  
Later that day the sun had come out and was shining bright so I set off on my task to photograph a Buzzard as they seem to be hanging around the same posts and are not fleeing as quick as they normally do due to the harsh weather we are getting this winter. On the way to the area where I have been observing the Buzzards I heard the now familiar call of the Waxwing but there were only 2 eating the odd left over berries and today I got right up to one of the birds which dropped a berry onto my head and then flew off but unfortunately my camera was on the wrong settings so the close-ups did not come out very good but I did get a few shots of this bird that seems to be a very common migrant this year but none the less a great bird to see on a cold winters day.
After leaving the Waxwings in peace it was off to find the Buzzards and luckily as we got to one of the posts a Buzzard landed and posed for about 10 minutes so I could film, photograph and really appreciate a very common bird of prey thats very hard to get close to unless the weather is very cold and food is hard to find.


  1. I got very cold looking for the Buzzards but it was worth it.

  2. That Waxwing is a good photo. Boomer & Gary of the Vermilon River.

  3. Thankyou I really enjoyed trying to find them.