Sunday 19 December 2010

Birds in slower motion

Another very cold and icy day so I decided not to go to far and checkout Brock wood while there is plenty of snow still on the ground I decided to leave some peanuts by the badger sett to try and tempt them out for a feed as I will be filming them at the end of the week so I need them coming out regularly so I can be guaranteed to film them in the snow before it all disappears.
When I was out I had an idea of slowing down the Bird feeder footage even more by playing the recorded slow motion footage on a slowed setting into my dvd player and record to a dvd disc then rip the footage from that to my pc then edit that into a short clip. The result is below of the slower-motion footage of a Blue tit landing on a peanut feeder and pushing of a Coal tit which took 2 seconds to occur and by slowing it right down twice I increased the video length from 2 secs to 59 secs and every single wing movement can be seen.


  1. A great post Mike. It was a surprise to see the Blue Tit bossing the Coal Tit. Great clip.

  2. More great stuff. It is certainly a pleasure to stop in and see your great work!