Friday 20 February 2015

Lower Moss wood wildlife hospital

 A quick post today to show a local project and I really respect the people and the work they do.
Here's some information about them:

Lower Moss Wood has been an educational nature reserve and wildlife hospital for over twenty years. The warden, Ray Jackson MBE, with help from his band of volunteers, has been providing a place for schools, disabled visitors, environmental groups and many others to come and enjoy the the countryside, learn about conservation and the environment ... and have a good day out!
The wildlife hospital is situated within the wood, near Knutsford in Cheshire, and takes in any orphaned, sick or injured wild animal or bird for care, rehabilitation and eventual release back into the wild. In addition to the hospital itself there are a number of aviaries and purpose built recuperation pens. Over the last few years the number of casualties brought to the wildlife hospital has gradually increased, at present totaling around 2000 each year. Animals range from badgers and foxes, to hedgehogs and bats, and bird species vary from small garden birds to owls and other birds of prey (and the occasional rarity such as a frigate bird). The wildlife hospital is not open for viewing, but visiting parties can learn about the work that takes place there during their trip. Lower Moss Wood is also a private nature reserve; seventeen acres of mixed woodland set in two hundred and eighty acres of arable farmland in the heart of rural Cheshire. The nature reserve is managed to provide many different habitats and so encourages a wide variety of flora and fauna. There is a half-mile circular path that meanders through the Wood, enabling many interesting observations without destruction of precious habitats. There are a number of vantage points to view the ponds, and hides overlook a peat bog and a wooded glade.

Photographs and description above belong to:
 Lower Moss Wood Educational Nature Reserve and Wildlife Hospital

I wish I could get involved with the project but it looks like they get so many volunteers that I don't think I would even have a chance. As it's a wonderful project I am only happy to blog about and share the good work they do.

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Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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