Thursday 17 November 2011

The first day of Winter on my local patch

I was quite excited about going to Tawny glade hide today due to the sudden drop in temperature and it really felt like a winters day with fog covering the fields in the countryside and the feeding station was bare of food but luckily I had abit of food including peanut butter, peanuts and apples so they would have enough to last till tomorrow when I can take some more food down there. While having a rest in the hide I finally got the close-up footage of the Great spotted Woodpecker having a feed on the peanut feeder and an apple covered in peanut butter and sometimes you could see the long tongue that the woodpeckers use to get insects from tree crevices when pecking the tree trunks.
I also spotted this Male Pheasant feeding cautiously on seed which is a common game bird around my local patch but it a new bird to the hide so as the weather gets colder more birds are indeed coming to feed at my station so I am very happy and excited on what will be stopping by in the future.
Having a drink from one of the water collectors

The photo of the day was this GSW having abit of peanut butter that I placed on an apple.
An apple a day makes the Woodpecker stay!!!!

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  1. Ooooo I am so glad you posted this. First because your photos are gorgeous but secondly, I was thinking I really wanted to put something up for the woodpeckers and flickers, but I cannot afford to feed the blasted squirrels!!
    What a great idea to put some peanut butter on an apple...that way I won't be providing daily "take out" suet! Thank you!
    Gosh that woodpecker is gorgeous!

  2. Glad to be of help it can get very expensive using Suet.