Sunday, 22 August 2021

The Barn Owls are back and so am I!

With days getting shorter and the night coming in earlier the creatures of the night are venturing out into the meadows and woodland eadges much earlier as they know that that we are not around as nights get cooler and our attentions are else where. One evening last week I decided to lay back and relax soaking up all the sounds and smells of late summer from the calls of Grasshoppers to the sweet smell of the Bee and Butterfly filled Budelia being blown across the meadow.


I had a wonderful encounter a few years ago in this field so I decided on trying to recreate and guess what with a little whistle It happened again the Barn Owl hovered above for a second and took its perch up in a nearby Oak tree.

My secret escape hidden in the Cheshire countryside feels like a small peice of paradise

I'm getting sent a new book to review this week The Science of Hope: Eye to Eye with our World's Wildlife looks like an interesting read as Hope to me is more about faith than science but the title is very alluring to my pessimistic mind and I used to be such an optimist well some days I still am but as long as I can get to Wales I'll always have something to smile about.
My passion is slowly coming back and I hope to be sharing my wildlife watching and love of nature with you over the rest of the year and beyond...
My new wildlife watching craft the Aqua marina cascade and theres more adventures to come with it 


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  1. Great photos and I look forward to seeing more of your adventures.