Monday 16 August 2021

Summers end after 4 weeks by the sea

 Its been a long time since I have posted anything as I have totally cut back on working, blogging and photography and I have spent my time in and around water from the rivers to the sea in some of the warmest weather we have had this year. I have had some lovely moments with Nature from sunsets with Foxes and sea birds as well as sunrises on the sea while paddleboarding the Conwy river and the North Wales coast, it was lovely reconnect with my passions and get back to the me I knew was there but unreachable till I could do the things that make me happy.

It was great to paddle up the Conwy estaury hearing the Herons and Egrets nesting in the trees along the side of the river even below the surface of the river there was so much marine life large shoals of small fish and sand eels swam beneath me while Oystercatchers called .

Conwy castle bridge from underneath

Paddleboarding Penryn bay

While I was away felt so free in the place I want to spend more time and I am already planning 2022 and see how I can get the most out of my paid holiday time and yes I have considered giving up my main job in view of becoming a wildlife/outdoor vlogger but at the minute just to enjoy and film when I feel like it is so appealing right now and I'm really loving it alot.



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