Tuesday 30 August 2011

A very quiet day at the Badger sett and my new piece of kit arrives

As I have not been to Brock wood for a week due to the heavy rain I wanted to get down there after work for some filming time and see if any changes were going on at the sett and there has been alot of digging and old bedding removed after an hour of waiting not one Badger came out for a snack probably the heavy rain has been providing them with plenty of soft dirt in nearby fields to dig for grubs, worms and as this time of year is the most plentiful for wild food from fruit including acorns and hazelnuts to the variety of insects on offer will keep them well fed till the ground freezes in the winter months so I will cut down on the amount of food I leave until they need the extra help so I better get prepared and build up my stock of Peanuts, peanut butter and as I have plenty of the special ingredient they love so much it should not be too expensive.

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I finally got my new WI-FI camera trap today and I am impressed by the quality of the unit its alot bulkier than the Bushnell camera traps but I think this one knocks most camera traps currently alvailable out of the water and takes camera traps to a whole new level as you can access and download, delete wirelessly from your IPhone, Android phone or laptop including Mac its truly amazing and is alvailable from www.gowildlifewatching.co.uk sometime soon and its a must have wildlife watchers gadget and its really simple to use I think this is going to make a fantastic Christmas present item because in my book its the Ultimate camera trap and really sets the bar high for its rivals. I will post some footage and photos of the camera in use as I am testing in my garden and I can check the captures from the comfort of my bed on my IPhone.

I am going back to the river tree filming tomorrow as the river level has dropped and is safe to check my other camera that has been filming for 3 nights in a row as well as return the tree camera back to its position.

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  1. A great post Mike...good luck with the new piece of kit.

  2. Just getting to grips with it now I think it should come in hady over the winter months when I cannot Kayak over the ice for filming the Otters.