Sunday 22 January 2012

Underground Mink footage

Here's a quick post showing the footage I managed to get of the Mink that went down a Rabbit hole I filmed on a camera trap down into the rabbit hole and as you can see the Mink definitely notices the camera there or does or notice my scent on the camera. 

I was pleased with the results and I found interesting watching the animal trying to figure out the what this new item was that had been placed on its path.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did.

When I went to pick up the camera yesterday I ended up in the river from the top of a river bank but luckily I managed to grab a tree to stop me falling in face first I landed on my feet with a big red mark on my back to show for it from when I fell back against the tree all my brother Ryan could do was laugh. 

I am fine but it hurt at first but it could have been worse as no kit was damaged in the fall plus I like the danger sometimes as it gives you an Adrenaline rush which warms you up on a cold winters day.

Thanks for reading



  1. It's wonderful to hear that I am not the only one that falls over during your trips out..
    Ryan you must be due a fall soon...

  2. Yes he is even if I have to push him over myself ;)