Monday 3 May 2021

Return to Wales and a new way to camp

 Over the past few weeks I have had a few breaks on the coast and in the hills just reconnecting with Nature from paddling in the sea at sunset and walking the hills at sunrise it was refershing to get back to the places I love. Before heading on my break I got a chance to try  my new raft on the river to replace my paddleboard and kayak so hopefully with a larger study area I can enjoy and spend more time on the water through rain and shine.

I have also thought that it would make a good base for a camping pontoon so I can sleep on the water plus spend the odd night moored in an area of shallow water as the raft is quite sturdy made from quality materials and as it was abit pricey so it should not damage easily. I have just purchased a cheap tent that should fit perfectly and with a DD Green tarp over the top, which will make the perfect floating tent/filming hide.

 I have also sold my D7000 DLSR to my brother so I currently have no DSLR well except a battered old D5000 incasde of a special encounter but as I want to get into video and sharing my encounters, adventures and thoughts through vlogging is really something I want to get into.

Next time I finally return to Wales to make up for last years lack of trips to the place I love the most.

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