Sunday 23 December 2018

FIRE at Chester Zoo a week after I visited!!!

To findout more about the Incident at Chester Zoo and how you can donate in the link below. The best thing you can do is visit them as its well worth the money even with the Monsoon Forest out of commision for a while.
My brother got some wonderful close ups of these loyal creatures and painted dogs were recently featured in BBCS Dynasty series which can be seen on BBC iplayer for a month or two.
To findout more about the Chester Zoo painted dogs click here
Below is a few photographs that I took on my visit Chrismas visit to the zoo.

 Feeding naturally is great to see
Well I just managed to finish this blog on Christmas Eve eve as I start these blogs and add to them when I get chance. with 2019 on its way and Im already thinking about next year. I plan to do more more wild camping around Anglesey and North Wales to hopefully photograph the rare Pine Martens in the area as well as sleep in some beautiful locations. My blogs in 2019 will feature more Wild camping content like where I camp, what I pack, preperation and more video clips but don't worry I will be continuing with more of the wildlife tales from my encounters and adventures.

Stay wild and protect Nature


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