Saturday 10 February 2018

Camping cancelled due to freezing weather

Well, my week off has come and gone my plans for camping soon disappeared right after I saw the snow on a new walk near a local mountain/hilly area called Teggs nose. You can find out more information here
 I have wanted to visit this area for a while but I avoided going as I wanted to go in the snow due to the beauty of the area when covered in white. As well as going to Teggs nose later that week we walked from Macclesfield to Congleton through sleet and strong winds, it was muddy and I was flued up but the visit to a bakery in Macclesfield filled my belly and gave me a boost.
The higher up the hills the thicker the snow especially on a notice board
 A lovely stony bridge across a stream that flows down to one of the Reservoirs
We ended up crossing fields and getting lost but luckily my phone had a good signal which allowed me to access google maps and make a slight detour back on ourselves and make it to Macclesfield forest. As we got lost for an hour we ran out of time to explore the forest and higher areas more.
I took no DSLR camera with me but we saw some of the local wildlife but I missed a Kestrel sat on some barbed wire surveying the hilly land with a beautiful background and snowflakes falling behind, it would have made a beautiful picture but it was a sight to behold and I'll know for next time.
Down in the valley there were a few Tufted ducks and Little Grebes but as it was a complete whiteout I could not see much and as wrapped up as I was the cold got into my body as I had aches and felt like crap from being out and going from hot to cold to many times that day.  The only negative of the days out was losing a pair of gloves I recently bought and I'm sure it won't be the last pair I'll lose this winter.

Hopefully, in the few weeks, we will get a day by the coast if not it will be a quick walk there.



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