Sunday 26 June 2011

2 Weeks in North Wales Pt 5 of 6 Camera trapping the Little orme and a trip to Welsh mountain zoo

 As I had a Bushnell camera trap with me and we were staying so close to the Little orme I wanted to use to film the fox cubs at night or first thing in the morning as they seemed the most active at these times so I setup at last light with some chicken scraps and found a glade in some thick bushes where there was a very strong smell of foxes and I attached to tree and left it for the night. When we returned the next morning the food was gone and we had a few videos of the cubs taking the food and passing by so overall a big sucess but it derserves another go next week when I return to the Little orme.
Heres a 240° view of the area where I based most of my fox filming to show the how beautiful the area is and the variety of habitats around.
After a few days of filming on the Little orme there was one place I wanted to visit before returning home and the place was Welsh mountain zoo and because I have not visited since I was a child and I have fond memorys of the views and animals that live there.  We decided to leave the filming gear behind and just take the DSLR and get some photographs to boost our captive mammal and reptile portfollios due to them being empty and I have not visted a zoo for 10 years it would be something interesting to see if the standards have improved over the years. As the day was sunny with blue skys meaning the light was good so I decided not to use my DSLR's flash so the animals would not be frightened or disturbed and after a few hours of photographing the well kept animals and enjoying the wonderful views over colwyn bay and the Irish sea we set off on the long walk back to the caravan for a few hours rest. 
Below I have posted my 10 best shots I took at the zoo.

A great day out and they do some great work looking after injured wildlife and conservation projects involving Red Squirrels and Grey Seals but I will mention more about this in a future blog.

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