Sunday 25 March 2018

Back up to Macc with Snow and Red Deer

With the Snow returning a few weeks ago I wanted to head back up to Teggsnose for a second visit this time I wanted to head into Macclesfield forest to see what else we could see and we found a few interesting places. The Snow was not as heavy as our last visit but it was still nice weather as we had a few moments where the sky cleared and the sun shined down warming up the air slightly.
 It was wonderful getting into the forest and finding the Ranger station which had a bird table and a number of bird feeders which were very busy with the all the snow falling higher up the hill. We stuck to the road which saved time and energy. Below is a leaflet which can be viewed fully on the following link - Macclesfield Forest leaflet -
 Near to the station is the arboretum and separate gated off area with benches, bird boxes and a viewing area which looks onto the largest Henronry in the Peak district and the second one I have visited in the last year but I'll do an update blog about my local Heronry very soon. There were plenty of Herons on the water hunting for eels their nests looked well protected from the wind and there were some sat on their nests possibly on eggs so it's understandable why they have settled there.
 The information board explaining aspects of the Herons lifes
Below is my favorite view and as I always like to leave an area unexplored for the next visit hopefully the next Saturday I have free we will try to get to one of the two viewpoints over Cheshire but as the main higher route up has been closed due to fallen branches I'm hoping next time it will be open.
The highest part of the forest we have reached till now but it got windier so we headed  back down
With the weather changing to a cloudy dull day, it was time to head back up to the Teggsnose main entrance to start the long walk back to Macclesfield to catch the bus back home. As we headed back along the steep road down my brother saw 2 Red Deer hinds behind the Heronry area feeding under the cover of the pine trees out of all snow blizzard. To keep my bag weight down I left my camera at home so we one day we will return and go to the best places for selected species and habitats. I'm looking forward to seeing birds over the summer that I've only seen in North Wales so to see them in Cheshire would be great especially Dippers, Redstarts, and Flycatchers.
here's my route for next time we head up to Macclesfield as I have found a way around the closed path as it would be great to see some birds of prey riding the thermals above Cheshire as I would love to see and photograph a Redkite as its been a few years since I have seen one in Cheshire.

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