Tuesday 28 June 2016

Late post from April trip to N.Wales 1 of 2

I totally forgot to post about this a few months ago when I had my first week of the year on the North Wales coast. We had a lovely week at my favorite cottage where we have been going for a few years. The location is perfect as its close to the little Orme with views of the sea and gets the most amazing sunlight first thing in the morning. On one of the days we spent a day walking from Conwy to
Llanfairfechan to see if the local swans had nested on a marine lake but unfortunately they had not started. No Swans nesting on the lake but what we did find were some lovely rivers flowing into the sea perfect for photographing and filming Sea trout later in the year. The bird we ended up finding at the lake was a female Goosander who was quite happy to let us close to get a few photographs. There were a few kids around chasing the ducks so we had to wait till the bird felt comfortable to stay still. If somebody got to close she would jump back on the water for safety.
The female Goosander getting blown around on the windswept lake
One female Mallard gets totally mobbed by her suitors
As the sun went down it cast a stunning golden light over the lake reflecting from the sea onto the area
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Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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