Saturday 2 May 2015

Catching up with the Weasels

A few days ago I finally got the opportunity to visit the potential Weasel filming and photography site. First thing I did was to look for my DLSR lens cap which I last had here a few months ago and luckily I found it. I know there cheap to replace but I'm not one for replacing things if I can find the one I lost with abit of effort luckily I had dropped it right next to last years Weasel hole. There were no droppings or food remains near the entrance but the hole had definitely been made smaller to keep out any larger creatures.  With no luck at the old home I decided to check under a few corrugated sheets of metal over a woodland ridge nearby. We usually find a family of voles who scatter when the sheet is lifted up.
Today there were no Voles in sight, instead we found a few feathers and lots of fresh Weasel droppings so I'm guessing the Weasels had quite a feast!!!. I am hoping that the Weasels are going to nest here or are bringing prey here to feed on. I am glad to see there still around and in the next few weeks I'll be putting in a few days a week watching the area to see if I spot can them and possibly get a few cheeky photographs.
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