Wednesday 29 April 2015

Great Crested Grebes begin nesting

 With no breeding or nesting action from the Swans I have decided on concentrating on one of the 2 pairs of Grebes that are nesting on the lake. The other afternoon we decided on focusing on one of the pairs. The closest nest is a few meters from the bank and over the past few days they have building building there nest higher using pieces of floating vegetation, rubbish and mud in the area. As the pair has nested close to a footpath they are getting more confident when dog walkers and people pass by. I am worried they may get disturbed sooner or later as once the weather gets warmer there will be more dog walkers, boaters and people who don't respect nature which always angers me.
Here the pair began calling to each other
 Swimming alongside each other
 A closeup of the male Grebe as the crests are longer than the females shorter ones
It seems when watched the Grebes would ignore the nest but when we observed them from cover they would quickly spring into action adding more vegetation to the nest.
It also looks like there were plenty of Canada Geese beginning courtship and starting to nest in the furthest reed beds.
One Male Swan "Hail" also keeps visiting the lake to see if there are any willing females to tempt into courtship but he soon decided he would rather have some of my bird seed. The Swans here like to sit on some submerged rocks in the middle of the lake to preen without worrying about predators such as Foxes sneaking up on them.
My brother photographing and watching the Grebes nest from below the bank ;-)
 Earlier that morning my brother watched and got a quick photograph of the Grebe weed dance when they strengthen there commitment if breeding. It's is something I have always wanted to see but to this days I have never seen with my own eyes.
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