Monday 18 August 2014

Shocking discovery on Llandudno pier!!!

Earlier in the year I was on holiday at Llandudno and I was walking on the pier to look for Dolphins coming offshore but while looking I spotted an awful site behind one of the many shops. Behind the very end bar/restaurant I found 3 nurse sharks which looked like that had been caught by fisherman but rather than being put back into sea without much effort the fish were dis-guarded and left to die on land.

I will be contacting the pier managers to make sure they start checking where there fisherman are and making sure there not throwing there unwanted catches just out of sight of public view. Not only is this sickening to me I feel that it's such a waste of life and for fisherman to get away with this behavior is just not right especially at such a well loved spot.
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Swans by the sea at Llandudno's west shore

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