Wednesday 11 June 2014

Discovery in the woodland

Just a quick update from a previous post Break from the birds - Who's home is this? 
and the other day we went to check the area and just on the edge of the hole we made a discovery. A small and thin body was covered in flies just on the holes entrance and it really did stink. After taking a closer look at the animal I came to the conclusion it was a young weasel which had died in the nest and maybe its parents had dragged it out to stop the spread of disease to the other young. 

This means there's a family of weasels somewhere in the woodland which is great and hopefully I can film/photograph them in the future as I have photographed Stoats but not there smaller relatives. I have no clue where to start as there smaller, faster and tricky with all this vegetation so I may have to setup a log area to tempt them in and give me a better chance of photographing them.

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Butterfly meadows on my local patch

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