Wednesday 7 May 2014

Urban Fulmars well kind of...

While visiting the little orme on my April Trip I happened to notice the increase in Fulmars nesting compared to last year especially on the cliffs above the housing areas. It allowed for some great photo opportunities and as the nests were in good places as well it was perfect especially for following the nesting season as the pairs lay and hatch there eggs.

At 30 pairs compared to last years 15 nest is quite a positive find and probably 4X that on the Great Orme and as there has been more wind turbines added to the offshore wind farm(More info about the wind farm)on the Irish sea just off the North Wales coast.
Just to show how close Fulmars nest to the area of Penrhyn bay and the houses below there not quite Urban but considering these birds on come to our coast to nest and rest from the harshest storms. Its quite cool seeing them so close to an area of housing and what a great place to live with having them on your doorstep.

Two more panoramas - One was taken at Llandudno west shore breakwater and the other is at the Gun turrets closer to the sea 
bird cliffs on the Great Orme and it was taken at Sunset.

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